Sidney Crosby is pissed about the ongoing trade chatter!

We know how he can get his way in Pittsburgh…

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Sidney Crosby is pretty much willing to do anything it takes to win a fourth Stanley Cup, however even the Pittsburgh Penguins has his limits. 

Team insider Rob Rossi of The Athletic revealed some more information on the latest trade rumours concerning star forward Evgeni Malkin and why the chatter has gotten more quiet in the past weeks. He also notes that Geno has not been approached by the Penguins about waiving his no-movement clause.

Rossi mentions how upset Crosby was about the chatter and believes it is why we haven’t heard more comments from the Penguins about the possibility of moving the Russian forward, Crosby’s good buddy… 

“Also, we’ve heard that Crosby was not pleased with the Malkin trade speculation. That alone was probably reason enough for what had been a hot topic to cool considerably over the past couple of weeks,” writes Rossi. 

It remains to be seen or heard if Crosby had a similar reaction to the trade speculations surrounding his friend and defenseman Kris Letang. 

We know that Crosby is the face of the Penguins, but so much more than that. It was revealed back in 2017 before goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was let go in the expansion to the Vegas Golden Knights that the Penguins consider moving him at the trade deadline. Crosby reportedly met with management to ask them to keep him until the summer, because he wanted to win another Stanley Cup with his good friend. 

Which he did… 

Hard to say no to your captain when he seems to get the best out of his teammates when he has his friends’ backs.