Sidney Crosby’s contract talks worsen following first days of free agency

Sidney Crosby’s contract talks worsen following first days of free agency

More frustration and questions for the captain…

Chris Gosselin

When the calendar flipped to July on Monday, it was the opening of free agency in the NHL, but also the first day the Pittsburgh Penguins could re-sign captain Sidney Crosby to a new contract for the 2025-26 season and so forth. The superstar enters the last year of a 12-year deal he inked back in 2012 and fans simply want the confirmation that Crosby will stay put in Pittsburgh, lead the team to another championship before he hangs up the skates.

However, the first few days of free agency might have convinced Crosby otherwise. According to Dan Kingerski of Pittsburgh Hockey Now, the issue might be if the captain believes the Penguins truly have a shot moving forward, or with the insignificant signings done lately, Sid prefers to wait and see, and possibly end his career elsewhere.

“It’s valid to wonder if Crosby is looking at the coming iceberg and wondering if he wants to bravely ride the Titanic to the bottom as the tuxedo-clad band plays an instrument version of his rookie year goal anthem, Song 2. In full disclosure, we don’t know the details of any contract talks. Perhaps it’s not the lack of an FSG blank check, but Crosby seeing all that was and comparing it to all that won’t be.

“No blame here if he doesn’t have the stomach for it.”

Kingerski adds that, as of now, “the 2024-25 roster is obviously not as good as last season’s roster. Or the year before. And both of those teams missed the playoffs.”

That’s not a good sign if Crosby raises that in negotiations. However, Kingerski leaves the door open to the captain leading the young players and prospects, and staying put in Pittsburgh, no matter what.

“The evidence after two days of free agency shows that. The team can continue to slide, and perhaps Crosby is looking forward to being the mentor who instills the virtues of being a Penguin in the next generation. There are more questions, but you may want to brace yourselves for the answers.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see as the negotiations will stay private. But all rumours are out there.