Sidney Crosby steals opponent’s stick and scores unbelievable goal after breaking his

This is crazy good! Can’t wait for the season to start!


Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby hasn’t played in months, but he is not rusty. 

On Friday, the Penguins held a scrimmage game in which Crosby played for the Black Team. After breaking his stick on the ice, the star player headed over to the rival bench of the Yellow Team and stole Drew O’Connor’s stick. 

Crosby rejoined the action and scored a beauty. As he celebrated, he pointed at O’Connor to thank him for the assist and gave him back his stick before getting one of his for the rest of the play. 

This is Sidney Crosby good! 

Check it out: 

What’s even better is that after Crosby used his stick, O’Connor went on to score his first goal in Penguins’ intra-squad scrimmage with the same twig.

You can’t make this up!