Simon Benoit admits he's upset at Leafs

He doesn't like having to sit out!



It's safe to say that Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Simon Benoit isn't happy about not playing of late, and especially didn't like having to sit out his team's recent game against his hometown Montreal Canadiens. 

Benoit, who hasn't seen the kind of action that he wants after the Maple Leafs acquired Ilya Lyubushkin and Joel Edmundson at the NHL Trade Deadline, wasn't shy about expressing his discontent. 

“If you’re happy to be sitting out, I don’t think you’re in the right sport,” he said. “I’m not happy, but I understand it’s part of the game and I will do my best to get back in there.”

Maple Leafs bench boss Sheldon Keefe admitted that it "killed" him to have to sit the Montreal native in their game at Bell Centre. 

"Quite frankly, it kills me to have to sit Benoit here tonight, especially in this building," Keefe said following the team's morning skate on Saturday. "But I didn't make the schedule, and it's what's necessary for our team here tonight."

Benoit acknowledged that he and Keefe had a private conversation about the situation. He also emphasized his understanding that he can only influence the factors within his control.

“That (talk with Keefe) is between me and him and for the rest, I have no control how things are going, I can only control how I play," he said. "I know I’ll be back in the lineup and I’ll be ready.

“There are a couple of new faces, we’re trying to get to know everyone. We know (post-deadline) that this is our team the rest of the year now and for the playoffs.

“It’s not my first rodeo. (Healthy scratches) have been through my whole career (with Anaheim). You sit and cry about it, or you go back to work. Right now, it’s given me time to touch up some stuff and be ready for playoffs or when they need me.”

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