Six teenagers charged in brutal on-ice brawl

This is CRAZY.

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According to a report from NBC Philadelphia, six teenage boys have been charged with assault and conspiracy to commit simple assault and harassment stemming from a brutal on-ice brawl between the Ridley Raiders and the Central Bucks West Bucks back in March, 2017.

Last in a 7-1 game during the quarterfinals of the Philadelphia "Flyers Cup" Scholastic Championship Class 2A, the losing Raiders simply lost it and decided to turn things violent. As a result, two of the West Bucks’ players were injured and tensions spilled out off the ice and into the crowd.

Check out this video taken by a member of the crowd from that evening:

Ugly. Ugly stuff.

Five of the six charged will be charged as adults because they are 18 years old. The sixth is a juvenile who has not been identified. Out of respect for those who can be named though, we choose not to publish their names. These players’ actions were clearly unacceptable and they made a huge mistake, but at the end of the day hockey is an emotional sport and these are teenage boys. There’s no good that can be done by publicly shaming and humiliating these boys, we’ll allow the court of law to determine their punishment.