Skinner: We've had a lot of practice having to push back.

Skinner: We've had a lot of practice having to push back.

Oilers goaltender Stuart Skinner speaks to the media ahead of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Jonathan Larivee

The Edmonton Oilers have already done the improbable, coming all of the way back in the Stanley Cup Final to tie the series with the Florida Panthers after being on the verge of a sweep following Game 3 in the series.

It seems that all of the pressure has now shifted onto the Florida Panthers, who would arguably go down as the team responsible for the greatest collapse in Stanley Cup Final history should the Oilers go on to win Game 7, and that is due in large part to just how dominant the Oilers have looked throughout their 3 game comeback.

On Sunday, Oilers goaltender Stuart Skinner was asked about the resilience of the Edmonton Oilers in this series, with Skinner indicating that the Oilers have been tempered by what was a very challenging regular season at times.

"I think honestly we've had a lot of practice having to push back," said Skinner. "I think it was very much earned, we had to do absolutely everything in our power to get back to this point."

Skinner emphasized that it has been an overall team effort that has allowed the Oilers to remain alive in this series, something that is represented on the scoresheet with significant contributions from the Oilers bottom 6 forwards in this series.

"It takes every single guy," said Skinner. "It's literally taken every guy in our room to get into a position like this and it's very exciting and it's very enjoyable to be able to be here."

Skinner seemed extremely composed throughout his media availability and claimed to be enjoying himself, if he is feeling the pressure of the moment he did an excellent job of hiding it.

"We got the same attitude, we're just really enjoying ourselves here," said Skinner. "It's a tied series now but that doesn't really change much, still got a hockey game to play."