Slovak league player knocks himself out in scary locker room incident.

What in the hell.

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Well this one is more than a little insane. 

I must admit that we do not have a great deal of information to go on here given that this story comes entirely from a video uploaded earlier today on YouTube. There are some who will find this rather amusing and I suppose on some level it really is, however there's also the reality of a hockey player almost assuredly doing some damage to his brain here that has to be considered as well.

The video simply titled "'Entertainment' in the detvian dressing room," appears to show players from the Slovak Extraliga's HC 07 Detva having some fun after the game in their locker room, fun that appears to include a free flow of alcohol. Now I do not know for certain that alcohol was at play but given the actions and body language of the star of the video as well as some of the bottles that make a brief appearance in the video I think it's safe to say that alcohol was a very likely a factor here.

In the video a as of yet to be identified player appears to take issue with the television screen located in the back of the room, so much so in fact that he decides the television needs to be destroyed. Rather that firing a puck, swinging at stick, or hell even throwing a punch at the damn television however the player in question decided he was going to use the full power of his brain to find a clever way to get the job done. That is exactly what he did as he slowly sauntered over to the television before suddenly leaping into the air and driving his head into the television screen, shattering the screen and badly damage the television in the process.

Needless to say although the television certainly got put in it's place the player who has just used his head as a makeshift battering ram was also not in the best of shape. The player can be seen slowly rocking himself on the ground before seemingly passing out entirely from the blow to his head, a very disturbing scene to say the least. 

One that is however admittedly, more than a little funny as well due to it's ridiculous nature.