Smith lets in a brutal goal from 150 feet away to tie things up in the 3rd period

Oh. My. God! Shades of Dan Cloutier!


Vancouver Canucks fans may want to go to bed right now and avoid watching this next clip...

With a 3-2 lead midway through the 3rd period Edmonton Oilers goaltender Mike Smith has pulled the ultimate blunder, allowing a goal from nearly 200 feet away. Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson simply fired a puck out of the zone and... it went CLEAN in.

Check it out:

Tie game... a game that the Oilers were leading 3-0. Oof...

For reference, here's the goal Cloutier let in back in 2002:

After watching the Cloutier clip again... Smith's is way, way, waaaay worse. Lidstrom beats Cloutier from the red line, while Andersson beats Smith from 50 feet further back. Just an absolutely brutal goal and a brutal time.