Someone applied the gender switch filter to hockey stars and some look hot!

It feels so wrong, but come on: admit it too!

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Taking pictures without a filter nowadays seems impossible. And someone thought NHL players should also benefit from Snapchat filters when their pictures gets plastered all around social media. 

And so, when Snapchat came up with the gender switch filter, Twitter user @kuznuts0v rocked it by applying it to some pictures of NHL stars. 

Check it out: 

Some players don’t look as good: let’s just say Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand, Toronto Maple Leafs’ John Tavares or Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos aren’t our favourites… 

But props on the creativity and the hard work. Follow his Twitter account to see all of his creations! 

These pictures will haunt you, but some we are cool with!