Someone in the Flyers organization knows how to beat Carey Price

A well-kept secret!

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You've probably all heard the story of the 10-0 Loss the Montreal Canadiens just took yesterday against the Blue Jackets. Well, yesterday was yesterday and today, Carey Price is in the net which is usually bad sight for the opposing team and in this case the Flyers

Scouting team have been watching Carey on record for years and still can't manage to find a solution. As Jakub Voracek would say, "he's the best player in the NHL right now".

Fortunately for the Flyers, they count in their group an ex-Canadiens who used to score on Carey Price in practice. Dale Weise!

Interviewed today in Montreal, Weise said to the journalists : " Guys keep asking me where to shoot, where are the holes? I keep answering that there is none!!"

Weise is back in the lineup against the Canadiens tonight after being a healthy scratch thursday. Is he keeping the secret for himself?