Son of the late Petr Klima is in some serious trouble

Not a very good look for the son of the late Stanley Cup winner.



Well, this isn't exactly the best of looks for one of the twin sons of the late Stanley Cup champion Petr Klima, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 58.

Kevin Klima is one of a handful of players for Hradek Kralove who is facing a lengthy suspension from the Czech Extraliga after a positive drug test for a banned stimulant that was returned during their playoff semifinal against Vitkovice. Klima, along with two other players, could be banned for upwards of two to even four years. 

“Unfortunately, individual processes take such a long time,” Jan Šťovíček, lawyer for the trio told “It is a bit of a bureaucratic matter, the matter is first dealt with by the Anti-Doping Committee, which conducts the proceedings. He had to hand it over to the hockey association for comment, the same to the players. This includes certain deadlines, in short, the procedure takes some time. The next step is for everything to be referred to the National Court of Arbitration for Sport at the National Sports Agency. He will then finally decide whether the players will be found guilty or not

"The uncertainty in which they live is, of course, unpleasant. They are convinced that they have not committed any wrongdoing and have prepared a defense that they will present in court. It is also unpleasant from the point of view that relations with the club are of course not the best. But this is also normal, if the player has a positive test, the club is not happy about it. But unfortunately, nothing can be done and anti-doping proceedings take a long time.

"I don't expect anything major to happen during the holidays. Some progress can be expected in September, rather in October. I reckon there should be some sort of meeting going on there."

Stay tuned for any further developments.