Source hints at reasons why Jeff O’Neill is on leave from TSN
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Source hints at reasons why Jeff O’Neill is on leave from TSN

Fans quickly noticed the recent absence of former NHL forward Jeff O’Neill on TSN 1050 radio.



Earlier this week, reports started to emerge that former NHL forward Jeff O’Neill was currently “on leave” from the network, but no further details were released.

On Monday, O’Neill, who had missed several of last week’s shows, remained absent along regular co-hosts Bryan Hayes and Jamie McLennan as the show returned to the air following the weekend. It was also mentioned how attempts to reach out to O’Neill have been unsuccessful.

Of course, many rumours emerged from the report and finally one employee from TSN has been saying that “O’Neill has been let go by TSN. Continuously showing up late to meetings, office outbursts and insubordination being the main reasons.”

The man who posted the rumoured reasons on Twitter claims his nephew works for the network and can confirm the information. 

When mentioning their colleague’s absence on Monday, hosts Hayes, McLennan and contributor Frankie Corrado only said this about ODog’s absence.

“The ODog is on leave right now,” said Hayes. “He’s OK. He’s getting messages from people. He’s seeing all this kind of stuff. But that’s as far as we can go. That’s what we’re going to leave it at – that the ODog is on leave.”

Hayes suggested Corrado would be on the show “more going forward.”

O’Neill has worked with the network since 2013. A veteran of 821 career National Hockey League games with the Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes and Toronto Maple Leafs, O’Neill scored 237 goals with 259 assists for a career total of 496 points.

And it’s crazy to think he cannot comment and talk about the Leafs’ run in the second round…

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