Source reveals Ryan Johansen could have lost his leg!

The description is nasty!

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A lot has been said about Ryan Johansen's injury, but we had yet to received exact information about the injury itself. A credible and reliable source revealed what happened today. 

This is pretty interesting, as a compartment syndrome is really an urgent and dangerous condition that needs to be fixed right away. In the Playoffs, most players play injured and with a little help from the modern pharmaceutical products, they call still play. Erik Karlsson's case comes to mind, who's playing with a double hairline fracture. 

However, a compartment syndrome which develops in an acute condition is limb threatening. Above all it's really painful, as the blood accumulate in the muscles and stretches the fibers to their maximum. Imagine being fully pumped at the gym and having someone squeezing your muscle hard. Thing is, if you don't fix the compartment syndrome quick enough, the muscle starts to literally die with a lack of oxygen. Fixing the condition requires a simple surgery but the damage is already done and the recovery time is similar to a torn muscle. 

In any case, we wish a quick recovery to Johansen!