Spezza drops the gloves, fires up the Leafs

The old man can handle himself juuuust fine!

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Early in the third period of tonight's Game 4 action between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Columbus Blue Jackets and we have a fight! Kyle Clifford? Wait... did Jake Muzzin get back in the lineup? No and no. The main combatant was... Jason Spezza.

For real.

No offense to Jason Spezza, but when you're relying on him to fire up the team with a big fight, you've got serious character issues. 

In any case, the 37 year old Spezza handled himself juuuuust fine against Dean Kukan.

Check it out:

I'm not gonna lie... that was a pretty great showing from Spezza. Makes you wonder why he hasn't played this sort of game more. Everyone knows that the Leafs, while skilled and talented, could use a little more grit in their game. Spezza, evidently, is capable of providing just that. Here's hoping he can spark this team to a comeback win this evening.