Sportsnet analyst Nick Kypreos with the worst hot take of all time…

“I think it’s inevitable they trade Mitch Marner. He’s never gonna be a top three with the Leafs.”

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Sportsnet analyst Nick Kypreos has never been one to shy away from a hot take. For better or worse (almost always worse) he’s the type of guy that sticks to his convictions, even if it’s clear to everyone that he’s dead wrong.

Take this example from LAST November (2017) uncovered by Reddit user Lunboxer in which Kypreos maintains that Mitch Marner will NEVER be a top three forward with the Leafs under head coach Mike Babcock and that the Leafs should trade Marner while they still can.

Check it out:

Some choice quotes:

“When this team is really truly ready to compete for a Stanley Cup, where is Mitch Marner on Babcock’s depth chart?”
“When you look at the depth chart of the Leafs, when Babcock has ‘go-to’ guy… Matthews is ahead of him, Nylander is ahead of him, Hyman is ahead of him, Connor Brown is ahead of him.”
“Truly… where is Mitch Marner in this picture? I don’t know truly where his fit is with this team?”
“I’m sitting here going, I don’t know if there’s a fit. I think they should trade him, I really do. I think it’s inevitable that they will probably move Mitch Marner. If you’ve committed to Nylander, Bozak, Hyman and Brown… Marner would be a top three forward on most teams. He’s never gonna be a top three with the Leafs.”

Well then… 

Sorry, Kyper… you just can’t be any more wrong. I mean, Marner only has 41 points in 31 games this season, but I guess he’ll never be a top three. You’re right though, the Leafs should have committed to 32 year old Tyler Bozak and his three goals through 29 games with the St. Louis Blues this season…