Sportsnet names broadcasters for Stanley Cup Final and fans are NOT happy

The right call?

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According to a report from Sean FitzGerald of The Athletic, Canadian broadcaster Sportsnet has tabbed veteran play by play man Jim Hughson and color commentator Craig Simpson to broadcast the Stanley Cup Final.

Check it out:

This has angered many fans who feel that Chris Cuthbert would be a better choice in place of Hughson. Cuthbert has been calling games in Edmonton for the Western Conference games while Hughson was originally in Toronto calling the Eastern Conference games, but has now relocated to Edmonton with the rest of the NHL.

Cuthbert, for what it’s worth, was hired away from TSN by Sportsnet earlier this season.

Personally, I like both Hughson and Cuthbert, but I’ll admit that I like Cuthbert a bit more. That’s not to say that I think Hughson is a poor choice though. He has a near 40 year history as one of the NHL’s top broadcasters. He has been the lead play-by-play man on Hockey Night in Canada since 2008, taking over for the legendary Bob Cole on the broadcast’s Leafs games. 

To be fair though, you can see how and why fans may not be satisfied with Hughson’s work. After all, he is a Western Canadian guy who resides in White Rock, BC just outside of Vancouver. He got his big break in media working Vancouver Canucks radio broadcasts and, as any Canucks fan will tell you, Hughson’s affinity for his hometown team really stands out when broadcasting them. When he calls other teams games though, in particular when he calls Toronto Maple Leafs games… well he can be a bit flat. 

Cuthbert though… frankly it’s hard for me to come up with a criticism for his work. He has a great feel for the guy and always seems to know just what to say.

Frankly, I don’t think you can go wrong either way. But tell that to these guys:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but let's get real here... if you plan on boycotting the Stanley Cup Final because your favourite play by play guy isn't working, you've probably got bigger problems going on in your life...