St. Louis Blues make a statement on positive test for COVID-19.

Details inside.

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The St. Louis Blues appear to be the second National Hockey League organization that has now been directly affected by the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus known simply as COVID-19.

According to a statement released on Sunday via the St. Louis Blues official website, a relative of a Blues employee has tested positive for COVID-19. The news is significant because based on the press release from the Blues today, this is a person that would have been in contact with members of the Blues organization and could potentially have put those people at risk of infection as well. In order to preserve the messaging from the Blues here is their press release from moments ago, unedited and in full:

The St. Louis Blues have been advised that a relative of a Blues' employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

The diagnosed individual is in self-isolation along with members of the individual's family. All Blues' staff who may have come into close contact with the employee have been notified.

As a result of this positive case, all members of the Blues, as previously directed, are requested to remain isolated, to monitor their health and to seek advice from our team's medical staff.

Out of respect to the individual and their family we will have no further comment at this time.

This is obviously huge news and of course is likely very troubling news for the people who have been in contract with this individual and will likely now have to undergo tests to ensure their well being as well. Thus far all positive tests related to the National Hockey League have remained anonymous with no names going out to the public and I suspect that this will remain a trend with announcements of this nature as they are inevitably made by teams around the league.

Stay tuned for more details.