Starting goaltender screams in pain before leaving practice today.

Starting goaltender leaves the ice in pain.

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The Anaheim Ducks got a very bad scare at practice on Tuesday when starting goaltender John Gibson left practice after screaming out in pain.

At the time of the initial injury Ring Magazine's Mike Coppinger reported that Gibson threw his blocker off and left the ice shaking his right hand all while appearing to be in a great deal of pain. 

This led to speculation that he may have suffered a serious hand injury however the Ducks have dodged a bullet and as it turns out Gibson was never struck in the hand at all. 

Coppinger is now reporting that head coach Randy Carlyle has confirmed Gibson actually took a hard shot to his nether region, or has he put it "private parts," and that was the reason he left practice in such a sorry state. 

While it's an unfortunate scenario for the veteran goaltender to be sure, Carlyle is reporting that Gibson will be ok and that has to be a huge relief for the Ducks.