Statue of Bobby Orr outside TD Garden has gone missing.

Orr's statue has vanished.

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There is some concern in Boston over an iconic statue that has gone missing.

Last night hockey fans that were travelling past TD Garden arena, the home of the Boston Bruins, were left stunned by the absence of an iconic statue that usually hangs out outside the building, I am of course referring to the statue that immortalize one of the most iconic goals in National Hockey League history, one scored by Bruins legend Bobby Orr.

One fan even posted a picture on social media and tagged some journalists in an effort to discover what had happened to the beloved statue, but alas there were no answers to be found on Sunday night. As you can see in the photo below, all that remains at this time is the base of the statue.

Now we're sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this, after all the theft of a statue that probably weighs close to a ton would be incredibly difficult, and you wouldn't leave something that looks like a construction barrier around the base of the statue after you had just got done robbing it. No doubt there is an answer to this mystery, so we will keep digging and bring you any updates as they become available. 

Update: Good news Bruins fans we have located the statue and thankfully there is no foul play involved. This morning a video was published on social media platform Twitter that actually shows a construction crew moving the statue, which is being reported as weighing a whopping 800 lbs, apparently in an effort to avoid potentially damaging it during their construction work. Renovations will reportedly be made to the base of the statue and until then the statue of Orr has been relocated to Portal Park.

Update: TD Garden has now published their own response, likely an effort to clear up some of the concern over the statue, stating that Orr's statue has merely gone on "vacation." The official announcement reports that Orr will be back in time for the start of playoff hockey and the wording used would lead me to believe that they expect the statue to be back where it belongs before the end of the week.