Steve Dangle predicts 4 major changes to the Maple Leafs.

Steve Dangle predicts 4 major changes to the Maple Leafs.

An enraged Steve Dangle has made 4 bold predictions for what will come after another Game 7 loss.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs have suffered yet another first round Stanley Cup playoff exit and have coughed up yet another late third period lead in a Game 7 situation, leading just about everyone to believe that there is some major surgery ahead for this franchise.

Everyone seems to agree that changes must be made but the big question will be what shape will those changes take over the course of the coming summer? On Sunday, fresh off the brutal Game 7 loss, Dangle took to the airwaves and made his rather passionate feelings clear.

In total Dangle would predict that 4 members of the Maple Leafs organization won't be back next year, naming two members of the Leafs staff as well as a pair of players. Dangle began by listing the two players he seems confident won't be coming back.

"I assume [Auston] Matthews is staying... William Nylander I assume he's staying.... that leaves Mitch [Marner] and John [Tavares[ who combined for 5 points by the way," screamed an infuriated Dangle. "They combined for as many goals as Matthew Knies who is a 21 year old."

"The list has to be JT, who is going into his final year, and Marner, who is going into his final year, it has to be," added Dangle.

Dangle would then go on a very long-winded tirade about the Maple Leafs failures over the course of the last 10 years, a tirade with a goal. After wrapping up his recap of what was largely a decade of failure from the Maple Leafs, Dangle then placed his next head on the chopping block.

"Brendan Shanahan was there for ALL of it," yelled Dangle. "So he's gone."

Dangle's final prediction may have been his best, with the impassioned Maple Leafs fan even going so far as to put a timer on his final prediction.

"Sheldon Keefe just signed an extension, it's two years, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment has a lot of money," began Dangle. "He's gone. Like in a few days. I will be making a video on this channel about how Sheldon Keefe is fired."

I have no doubt that many, many Maple Leafs fans share in Dangle's sentiment, but only time will tell if his 4 predictions come to pass this summer.