Steve Ott has UNIQUE comments about McDavid.

It's actually huge coming from a veteran like him.

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Connor McDavid already has a lot of people in his fan club. Actually, most of the hockey fans are in awe every time he touches the puck. He possesses a unique set of speed, skills and vision that set him apart from almost everyone one in the league. 

In fact, even hockey players recognize McDavid is in a class of his own. Tonight, Steve Ott joined the bandwagon, through his Twitter account. 

This is huge! We've heard the comparison a few times from commentators telling how Connor was close to a young Gretzky's dominance. However, active hockey players know what it takes to perform at such a high level. Steve Ott basically pointed McDavid as the best player he saw in his own career! He's been in the league for 15 years, but he never said the same thing about Crosby, Ovechkin or even Lemieux!

Okay, maybe the wine helped his mood tonight, but we took notice anyway! However, he's known as a student of the game and aficionado of its history.