IT'S ON: Steve Simmons responds to Wayne Simmonds

Here we go again.

Michael W.

It appears as though we're only just getting started with this latest controversy surrounding Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons, who drew the ire of many with a recent article in which he implied that former NHL forward Akim Aliu shouldn't be looked at as the go-to source for current events in the NHL due to the fact that he played for multiple teams and struggled to gain a permanent footing. 

"No one wants to say this because of the politically correct police and all, but those who coached Akim Aliu must cringe every time they see him in a news report or a commercial talking about what’s wrong with hockey," Simmons wrote. "Like he would know. By my count, Aliu played for 23 teams in nine different leagues in 12 professional seasons and rarely finished any season with the same team he started with. If that was colour-related, how is it that Wayne Simmonds spent just about the same 12 seasons playing in the NHL?"

Not only did Aliu respond by openly declaring Simmons to be a racist, but Simmonds, who was just cut by the Toronto Maple Leafs, offered the following reply. 

“Just a quick msg to the hockey world. I usually don’t have time for this but tonight I do! I really don’t appreciate what your trying to do (Steve Simmons) your article was asinine and in no way reflects the real plight that my self, Akim and other players of colour go through,” Simmonds wrote in a tweet.

“You Are Minimizing the pain and suffering and dismissing the actual fight that we as a ppl actually have to endure just to even be accepted in the game of hockey at a lower level nvm the professional ranks. DO NOT EVER use my name or any other player of colour’s name to try and make your point. We will no longer sit by quietly as our characters are assassinated Steve! This will only make us stronger and speak out against ppl of your nature! If you were trying to be cool or funny, you missed your mark. YOUVE BEEN WARNED!!! Ps this is me being nice!” Simmonds added.

It wouldn't be long before Simmons himself would respond by posting an article he penned in March of this year of Simmond's accomplishment of reaching the 1,000 game threshold: 

Not surprisingly, it didn't seem to go over very well.

Source: Twitter