Steve Simmons suggests 4 potential replacements for Doc Emrick.

Would one of these make a good choice?

Steve Simmons suggests 4 potential replacements for Doc Emrick.

The hockey world lost a real treasure on Monday when legendary National Hockey League broadcaster Mike "Doc" Emrick announced that he was retiring from the broadcast booth.

It's a decision that has sent reverberations throughout the hockey world and perhaps no one is feeling the loss today more than the executives over at NBC, the NHL's broadcast partner in the United States of America. Even casual fans who don't know Emrick by name would be able to recognize his iconic voice and now NBC will have to find a man that can fill Emrick's impossibly large shoes. I have to be honest I don't think that anyone NBC picks will be particularly well received initially given how much fans truly loved Emrick, but I hope that over time whoever does get the job can achieve some of the same success that made Doc such an icon for so many hockey fans. 

So who will get the call? On Monday Toronto sports columnist Steve Simmons offered up 4 suggestions that he believes would make for suitable replacements on the NBC broadcast, and to be honest some of these suggestions are actually pretty good. Here are the 4 names Simmons believes could take on the task of filling in for the now retired Emrick.

John Forslund.

A pretty obvious choice on the part of Simmons here given that Forslund is already a play by play announcer for NBC, so it would be an easy fit for the network to manage.

Kenny Albert

Albert does play by play for the New York Rangers and has also worked on Olympic Hockey so he's got the pedigree to be sure, but he currently works for a rival network at Fox. 

Gord Miller

Fans in Canada will instantly recognize Miller and no doubt there will be a lot of push from those fans to see him get the job. Miller has a wealth of experience in the broadcast booth when it comes to international hockey but like Albert he currently works at a rival network, Canada's TSN.

Chris Cuthbert.

A veteran of Hockey Night in Canada I must admit that I do think Cuthbert might be a little further down on NBC's list. Cutherbet has a wealth of experience but at 63 years of age I don't know that NBC would consider the move. Given that Doc spent over 15 years in the booth for NBC I suspect they will be looking for someone younger to replace Emrick, someone that could remain in the booth for a very long time to come.

Which one would be your pick?