Steve Yzerman gives a huge update on Jonathan Drouin.

A big update on the trade talks surrounding Drouin.

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The talk surrounding highly touted prospect Jonathan Drouin and his trade demands has died down considerably over the last few weeks, but these comments from Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman will almost certainly have those trade talks flowing again.

"I definitely prefer to deal him sooner than later, it would be better for everyone," Yzerman told the Tampa Bay Times Wednesday. "A lot of things factor into it when making the trade, a lot of things to consider here. But number one is, 'Can I do something involving Jonathan that benefits the team that makes us better right now that helps us for the playoffs? I'd certainly like to do that."

Yzerman admits there are challenges to making the trade happen, he has very specific demands, notably he wants some help on the power play.

"We all have needs," Yzerman said. "If I could do something to help our power play, I'd like to do that. And that's going to be difficult to do."

Of course the usually tight lipped Yzerman did not so much as hint as where he could be moving Drouin, but based on the comments he made today it seems like this is something likely to get done before the deadline.