Is Steve Yzerman on the hot seat?

Do the Red Wings have to make the playoffs this year?



Year five of Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman's tenure as general manager officially starts tonight, and one topic that has been at the forefront of fans' minds is a recent comment he made in which he expressed that the team's objective this year extends beyond merely making the playoffs; rather, it's to establish a consistently competitive team that strives for Stanley Cup contention.

It's understandable that there are plenty of fans who are getting restless, especially with the ultra-competitive competition that they have to face within the Atlantic Division. For one particular writer from The Detroit Free Press, Yzerman could be on the hot seat if they don't take a major step forward. 

Carlos Monarrez believes that Yzerman could be on the hot seat by next season if things don't improve. Take a look at an excerpt from his opinion piece

"The Detroit Red Wings begin their fifth season under Steve Yzerman on Thursday night in New Jersey, and if the team’s general manager isn’t careful, he might find himself on the hot seat.

No, not this season. But if the team doesn’t show significant improvement, next season could be a different story.

Let’s be honest. If someone told you when Yzerman returned to Detroit in April 2019 that four years later the team still wouldn’t be expected to make the playoffs, you wouldn’t believe it.

After all, in Yzerman’s first year as the Bolts' GM, they finished with 103 points and made the Eastern Conference finals. In his fifth season, Tampa got to the Stanley Cup Finals.

This is what worries me about Yzerman’s careful and cautious approach: It often feels way too careful and cautious. After four years, I'd say Yzerman has underachieved, especially when you consider how high expectations were for him when he took the job.

All that could change this season if the Wings defy expectations and make the playoffs. Maybe Yzerman even becomes a buyer at the trade deadline. Or, at the very least, if the Wings miss the playoffs but finish closer to 90 points than 80 points.

So, no, Yzerman’s seat isn’t hot right now. But if things don’t go well this season, Yzerman’s notion about the future might start to change once he feels some warmth in his hindquarters." 

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