Steven Stamkos receives death threats in response to his blatant slewfoot.

Stamkos better watch his back!

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Luckily for Tampa Bay's star forward, he won't be crossing paths with the Edmonton Oilers again this season.

Steven Stamkos made one of his peers very very angry when he delivered a pretty blatant slewfoot to Edmonton Oilers forward Zack Kassian during their match up on Tuesday night.

Stamkos delivered a physical leg sweep to Kassian, and it came at an odd time with the Lightning up 3-2 midway through the second, leaving one to wonder at Stamkos' possible motivation for such a move.

Kassian was understandably outraged, and didn't even pretend to hide yelling at Stamkos across the ice, letting him know that he was a dead man. Unfortunately short of an Oilers - Lightning Cup Final, or a trade involving either player, we won't get to see these two face off again.