Store seeks Alexis Lafreniere hockey card and is willing to pay 10K to whoever has it!

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Upper Deck has launched its new hockey card collection for the 2021 season on Wednesday and it is now the first time fans will be able to get their hands on the first hockey card of rookie Alexis Lafreniere, who was selected first overall at the 2020 NHL Draft by the New York Rangers. 

As we can imagine, this card will be particularly coveted by collectors out there. 

So coveted that one store in Quebec is willing to pay 10,000$ to anyone who has or will manage to get Lafreniere’s Rangers rookie card. That’s right, the Boutique L’imaginaire, has shared a post on their Facebook page, claiming that they will offer a reward of $ 10,000 to anyone with this specific card in their possession.

Here is what their post says, translated from French: 

"You read that right! Alexis Lafrenière's first rookie card with the New York Rangers will hit the market this Wednesday thanks the release of Upper Deck Series 1 (2020-21)! That being said, we would like to add the 1st overall pick to our collection, the Guns High Gloss collection! Help us find this little gem and share this post!”

They explain on the shop's blog what exactly is a High Gloss card, to help fans understand what they are looking for. A Guns High Gloss card is a card that scores a 10 in quality compared to others card. You can see the clear difference in the picture below.

If you believe you have this card, you can contact the store at this number: 418-658-5639 ext. 304.

Good luck in your research!