Strife ensues amongst fans in Dallas at most important time!

Strife ensues amongst fans in Dallas at most important time!

What is this? They have to come together to support the team.

Chris Gosselin

The Dallas Stars are trailing 1-0 in the Western conference final against the Edmonton Oilers, and playing Game 2 at home on Saturday, they will need the support of their fans.

That’s unless they are too busy being at each others’ throat.

You’ve probably noticed, on TV or on social media, Nick Moroch, known as the very passionate fan holding up a legendary #BANG sign. He's annoying and loud, keeps banging the glass like players are zoo animals, but made it on ESPN with Jackie Redmond to talk about his love for the Stars.

However, Moroch is a problem for everyone else in Dallas, and I’m starting to wonder of the Stars’ players themselves do not dislike him. One thing is sure is that other Stars’ fans have had enough of him and have been asking for him to be removed or simply voicing out loud their empathy for other ticket holders around him.

Moroch does not care. On Friday, he went on a rant on social media after footage of him acting like an idiot during Game 1 emerges, and truly, he does not care if he ruins the experience for other fans looking to take in a game in Dallas.

Here is what Moroch has been saying on X, formerly known as Twitter, that has escalated into a strife between Stars’ fans ahead of Game 2 of the WFC:

The hosts of the Spittin Chiclets podcast, former NHLers Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, both tweeted out their disdain for Nick’s glass pounding and bang sign.

And they’re not the only one that have had enough of him. I wouldn’t mind not seeing him attend the rest of the games this postseason.

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