Subban calls out Messier and Chelios for 'gloating.'

Subban calls out Messier and Chelios for 'gloating.'

Former National Hockey League defenseman P.K. Subban may have been feeling a little jealous on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

Since hanging up his skates as far as his playing career in the National Hockey League is concerned, P.K. Subban has made a quick and natural transition to a broadcaster for the NHL on ESPN.

Subban always showcased his personality during his time in the NHL and that trend has continued during his broadcast career, and not just when the show is on the air. On Saturday, Subban posted a short video on social media in which he called out fellow former players Chris Chelios and Mark Messier for 'gloating' with the Stanley Cup in studio.

"Big party for these guys huh?" said Subban via his Twitter. "Gloating over here, drinking out of the Cup, it's crazy."

While the words used by Subban here might suggest that he was genuinely irritated, the tone of his video and his comments left little doubt that he was anything but that. If anything, Subban appeared to be putting over the accomplishments of his legendary co-hosts, while poking a little fun at himself in self-deprecating fashion for never winning a Stanley Cup of his own.

If anything, the video might leave you feeling a little sorry for poor P.K. Subban who probably feels like something of a third wheel right now with the Stanley Cup in studio.