Subban meets with his agent to discuss trade

The star defenseman knows what’s on the line…

Subban meets with his agent to discuss trade

Back in 2016, a major blockbuster trade caught the attention of the hockey world when the Montreal Canadiens traded defenseman P.K. Subban for Nashville Predators then-captain Shea Weber. 

Some believe we might be getting ready to see a second trade in Subban’s NHL career as chatter has grown louder since the Predators were eliminated in the first round of the postseason by the Dallas Stars. 

And on Tuesday, chatter got deafening as Subban’s agent Don Meehan revealed some information about his client during an interview on the air of TVA Sports, on the show Les Partants. 

Meehan mentioned that Subban made his way to Toronto to meet with him and talk about the months ahead prior to the 2019-20 season, and revealed that they had to talk about a potential trade. 

"He came to visit me in my offices (in Toronto)," said Meehan Tuesday. 
"Of course, speculation and rumors are always a part of our sport and we had to talk about it. He also spoke about his plans for the summer in terms of training and events he needs to take part.“

Does it involve a trade? We will need to wait and see it seems… 

Due to his $ 9 million contract per year, the Predators may want to get rid of Subban in order to have more leeway under the salary cap. The veteran blue liner still has three more seasons to his current deal and it has been reported many times that the Preds will need to make heartbreaking choices ahead of the 2020 draft for the new Seattle expansion.

While Subban hopes to be part of the solution in Nashville after a quick playoff elimination, he also knows he could be pushed on the trade block… 

And he knew he had to talk about it with his agent. Let’s see what happens this summer in Music City.