Subban on Zegras/Bedard: If I was playing I'd probably take a swing at em.

Subban on Zegras/Bedard: If I was playing I'd probably take a swing at em.

Former NHL defenseman P.K. Subban gets real about two of the game's top young stars.

Jonathan Larivee

A pair of incredible lacrosse-style goals in the National Hockey League over the weekend have drawn a ton of attention, goals scored by rising young stars Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks and Connor Bedard of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Both were things of beauty, here's the Zegras goal:

And Bedard's own version of the move:

Former NHL defenseman P.K. Subban has shared his own thoughts on the somewhat controversial moves, heaping praise on both Zegras and Bedard. That being said it's not all sunshine and unicorns.

"Trevor Zegras, Connor Bedard, absolutely disgusting," said Subban. "In that moment they expose not only the goaltender but all 5 players on the ice, embarrass them in front of 20,000 and millions of people watching from coast to coast. I think it's absolutely awesome."

Subban continued by showcasing some of his favorite highlights from the aforementioned Zegras, but he also admitted that he likely wouldn't take such a move being used against him very well.

"Is this great for the game? Well I don't know," admitted Subban. "I'm telling you something, if I was playing, I'd probably take a swing at em."

Subban's reaction to the two incredible goals was generally positive, but there's no mistaking the fact that as an opposing player he wouldn't like to be scored on in that manner. You might even say that there was a bit of a warning in Subban's words for the two young NHL stars.