Sutter brothers respond to stories of abuse as Hockey’s “Me Too” moment continues

The statement attempts to defend the Sutters, but seems to miss the point…

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A lot has happened since Mike Babcock was criticized for “The List” and Bill Peters resigned as head coach of the Calgary Flames and we wonder what will come at us next. 

On Friday, it was the attempt for an explanation. 

Late Tuesday, posts on Twitter surfaced on the account of former NHLer Daniel Carcillo, who has in recent years become a staunch advocate for fair treatment of players.

The tweet in question implicated that underage drinking, young men dressing as women, physical, verbal and sexual abuse happened at a rookie party. Carcillo called out brothers Darryl and Brent Sutter specifically for abuse at the NHL level (Darryl) and hazing at the WHL level (Brent).

According to the tweet, the WHL and Hockey Canada were made aware of the conduct and “nothing was done bc (sic) it involved the Sutter name.”

On Friday, Carcillo published the statement from Brent Sutter of the Red Deer Rebels, following the accusations. 

Carcillo expressed his disappointment with Sutter’s answers, saying “instead of owning up to his abusive, gaslighting behaviour, he chooses to contact former players to say some good things about him

“I know in my heart the vast majority..”

This isn’t about the vast majority…”

Carcillo even added that people should not call him out and attack his character and on ice playing style. 

“The way I played & how I treated ppl off the ice was a direct reflection of the hockey environment I grew up in

I was bullied & became a bully

I was abused & am guilty of abuse”

He makes strong points. We will see if Darryl Sutter will have more to say if he does. We have warned you, it certainly seems like the hockey world is going through its “Me Too” movement with the amount of people stepping forward to share their experiences.