Sweeney not ruling out a coaching change.

Is it time for the Bruins to make a change?

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“I think we’re shy of where I thought we would be,” Sweeney said.

Exactly 3 points shy of where you wanted to be, i guess, mister Sweeney. Those 3 points would give the Bruins the second Wild Card spot in the Eastern Conference and a playoff spot as of now.

“We’ve had some slower starts in the last little while. But we’ve been all in together, communicating and seeing where we’re at realistically. Claude’s been receptive to putting younger players in roles that aren’t always comfortable at times. We’re continuing to work at it. I have to look at everything. Ownership would look at me and realize, ‘Well, has Sweeney done enough in the course of his time here?’ We’re sort of in the same place we’ve been, battling. But I think a lot of teams are in that.” said Sweeney to the Boston Globe.

During the interview, the Bruins General Manager never said that Claude Julien was on a hot seat but we collected a few hints.

About How Julien manages the power-play.

"Our power play’s been a bit of an issue for us throughout the course of the year[...] It's a function of assessing, for me, personnel-wise whether the right pieces are there, or collectively.”

About Julien's ability to make his guy drive the net.

"Getting to the rebounds, that’s another one I’d like to question. We don’t give ourselves a chance on either side of it. You miss the net, you don’t give yourself a chance at a rebound. We get a rebound, do we have the conviction to go in there and get them?”

About last year's horrible end of a season.

"Last year, we were in a great position, and we [expletive] the bed. I’m hopeful we’re not tracking in the wrong direction, because we’ve been in a decent position and we haven’t taken advantage of it.”