T.J. Brodie melts hearts with incredible gesture with terminally ill Leafs fan

Right in the feels for sure.



It's always an incredible sight to see when professional athletes take time out of their schedules to pay it forward to the fans who make what they do possible with their dedication and patronage. 

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman T.J. Brodie recently melted hearts everywhere when he paid a visit to the Chatham-Kent Hospice center and visited with terminally ill Maple Leafs fan Bob Hoskins, who was diagnosed with brain cancer and has been in Hospice since May. 

Hoskins' daughter Sue Hoskins-Lambkin would explain that it's something that her family won't ever forget. 

"This memory will last with my family forever. It's going to be such a special moment when my Dad does pass that we're going to have that in our hearts forever," said Hoskins-Lambkin.

"It was definitely an uplifting moment for our entire family and emotional. The tears were flowing and we were just so happy that T.J. took time out of his day to come and meet my Dad. I couldn't have asked for a better day," she said.

As a hockey player, Brodie certainly understands having dental issues, which he also discussed with Hoskins. 

"We had the nurses put my Dad's teeth back in so he was able to talk with T.J. and my Dad mentioned something about his teeth and T.J. goes no problem, I have teeth problems too," Sue said.

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Source: Twitter