T.J. Oshie shares special message after 1000th NHL game.

T.J. Oshie shares special message after 1000th NHL game.

The long time National Hockey League forward had some words to share after his major milestone this weekend.

Jonathan Larivee

There were some doubts about whether or not veteran Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie would suit up over the weekend, but Oshie managed to pull through and as a result he hit a major milestone on Saturday.

Washington's matchup with the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night would prove to be the 1000th game of Oshie's National Hockey League career, a monumental achievement for any hockey player. The Capitals were well aware of it as well, even giving Oshie some special treatment before the game ever got underway.

The best present they could have given Oshie for his 1000th career game was a win however, and the Capitals did just that eventually triumphing by a score of 2-1. If you think Oshie wasn't grateful, think again.

Following the big win, even though celebration was no doubt in order, Oshie took the time to go on social media and send a special message to all of those who have helped him reach this point in his career.

"Thanks to all my teammates, trainers, coaches, team staff, doctors and all the fans for all the support," said Oshie. "I love all of you! Special thanks to my family for helping live my dream!"

Oshie was a long time member of the St. Louis Blues before joining the Washington Capitals and has been a beloved player in both of those markets. Classy gestures like taking the time to interact with his fans, and thanking them for their support over the years, are undoubtedly a big part of why Oshie is so beloved around the NHL.