Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Ryan McDonagh hosts his own championship boat parade

You're living right when you can host your own championship boat parade!


The Tampa Bay Lightning are having an absolute blast right now celebrating their second consecutive Stanley Cup championship, and it started from the moment their status as repeat title winners was confirmed last month with Nikita Kucherov's post-game presser. 

The shirtless (and most likely inebriated) Kucherov took to the microphone and absolutely dunked on Montreal fans, saying they were acting as if they had just won the Stanley Cup following their Game 4 OT victory to stave off elimination Monday night. 

"The fans in Montreal acted like they won the Stanley Cup last game," Kucherov said of Montreal's Game 4 OT win. "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Their final was last round."

The Lightning continued the trolling by wearing t-shirts during their championship boat parade acknowledging their status at having been a controversial $18 million over the salary cap during the playoffs, while Kucherov earned himself a contract with Bud Light after he slammed one of their beers during the controversial presser. 

And now, defenseman Ryan McDonaugh is getting in on the fun. Of course, the Lightning have enjoyed consecutive championship boat parades, so how about another? 

Will the Lightning be able to enjoy a third consecutive boat parade next year?