Taylor Hall goes knee on knee with Mattias Janmark.

Hall takes out Janmark.

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This one did not look good for Dallas Stars forward Mattias Janmark.

The Stars were facing off against the Arizona Coyotes on Sunday night and this one turned into a pretty chippy affair between these two teams. Things took a nasty turn when, during the game's second period, newly acquired Arizona Coyotes star forward Taylor Hall took out the aforementioned Janamrk with what looked to be a knee on knee hit. Knee on knee collisions are extremely dangerous and can result in very severe injuries so you can imagine why the Dallas Stars were particularly happy with Taylor Hall following this incident. 

To Hall's defense the hit itself did not appear to be at all malicious and there seemed to be absolutely no indication that this was an intentional act on the part of the Coyotes star forward. Janmark was playing the puck deep in his own zone and realizing that he would not get there in time Hall instead opted to take the body and lined up Janmark for a big body check. Hall squared himself up and moved in to deliver the body check, and although the two men still made contact there was no doubt that there was also a knee on knee collision here. That however appears to have been caused by Jamark's own reluctance to absorb the hit, as the slow motion replay show Janmark pulling away from Hall just as contact is about to be made, resulting in his leg and knee being further exposed than it otherwise would have.

 Surprisingly Hall himself was able to walk away from this one with no issue at all, and appeared to have taken no damage from the impact whatsoever. Unfortunately for Janmark however he was not so lucky and I hate to say it but based on his body language this one does not look good. The Stars forward immediately clutched at his leg when he went down and although he was able to get back to the Stars bench he was unable to do so under his own power. Janmark needed the help of both the trainer and a teammate to leave the ice, and appeared to be putting no weight on his leg as he retreated to the locker room.