Taylor Hall has been traded.

Full trade details.


The Boston Bruins have just pulled off a huge move.

According to multiple reports from the National Hockey League's top insiders, the Bruins have acquired veteran forward Taylor Hall from the Buffalo Sabres. There are a number of pieces moving in this deal beyond Hall however, so here is how it breaks down:

To Boston:

Taylor Hall (50% of salary retained by the Buffalo Sabres)

Curtis Lazar

To Buffalo:

Anders Bjork

Second round draft pick (The pick has not been identified yet).

This is a huge move from the Bruins, assuming of course that Hall's poor performance this season was a product of the team that he was on, and it is especially impressive when you consider that they did not give up their first round pick in order to make the deal.

The Sabres on the other hand get a second round pick and get a valuable player in the form of Anders Bjork who comes at a very reasonable salary. Bjork is currently on a 3 year deal that carries an average annual value of $1.6 million per season, and he will be a restricted free agent at the end of that deal on top of it.

That being said, I feel for Anders Bjork here. Going from a contending team to what Jack Edwards not so flatteringly described as "The NHL's version of a dumpster fire" can't feel great.