Taylor Hall has hilarious encounter with fan, signs a printed tweet of Hall for Larsson trade

The trade is one for one and the autograph is legendary!

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When the Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson trade was announced in the summer of 2016 hockey fans were dumbfounded. 

I know personally, my reaction went something like this:

“Wait… you mean Ekman-Larsson? From the Coyotes?” 
“No… no, Adam Larsson… you know, from the Devils?” 
“Uh… yeah and who else?” 
“No, that’s it.”

The blockbuster trade between the Edmonton Oilers and New Jersey Devils sent shockwaves through the entire NHL and it was deemed an absolute BLUNDER by Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli from the moment it was announced. During Chiarelli’s press conference to announce the deal, the infamous “The deal is one for one, Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson,” line was uttered for the first time and has since become something of a meme amongst Oilers hating hockey fans.

That trade and in particular that line from Chiarelli has been circulating online for years now, but one Devils fan took the meme to a whole new level.

Check it out:

That’s right… he had Hall autograph the trade announcement from NHL insider Bob McKenzie. Incredible.

What’s the saying? Don’t let your memes be dreams? Perfect.