Team Canada star Devon Levi played World Juniors with a broken rib

Incredible. Talk about fighting through the pain!

Published 3 years ago
Team Canada star Devon Levi played World Juniors with a broken rib
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Florida Panthers draft pick Devon Levi announced his arrival to the entire hockey world this past month in the World Junior Championships.

The Team Canada goaltender gained widespread recognition throughout the hockey world in his silver medal performance. He ended the tournament with a .964 SV% and a 0.75 GAA, and was named the Best Goaltender of the tournament by the IIHF Directorate and named one of the members of the Media All-Star Team.

In short: The kid is legit.

What's even crazier though is that Levi put together his remarkable World Juniors performance all while dealing with a broken rib. Umm... excuse me!?

Check it out:

Listen, I don't know if you've ever broken a rib before but it is absolutely debilitating. Not only can you not move normally, you can even have a hard time breathing or talking. And if someone gets a good old fashioned belly laugh out of you, you'll be screaming for dear life. The pain is excruciating. 

The fact that Levi not only managed to play with a broken rib, but to play to this ability is frankly shocking. This kid must have some insane "mind over matter" state of mind because I'm certain that most pro athletes would have been on the shelf dealing with a serious injury like this. 

For what it's worth, Levi is now out of the lineup for Northeastern in the NCAA while he recovers from his injury. He'll be out of the lineup at least a few weeks.

Source: Gino Reda