Team Finland forced to receive bronze medal in new touching yet awkward setting

It is beautiful to see, yet hilarious!


Team Finland came out on top, beating Team Russia by a score of 4-1 Tuesday to claim the bronze medal at the 2021 world juniors in Edmonton.

The Finns never gave up and came out on top, despite falling behind 1-0 in the first period. We expected nothing less than a comeback from Team Finland, whose third-place finish gives the team its 16th medal in tournament history, while Russia failed to secure a medal for just the third time since 2010.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the Funnish players were forced to receive their bronze medal in a new setting as their captain Anton Lundell, with the help of the club’s general manager, handed out the medals to each player. 

While it was very touching to see players shared this important moment on the ice, it was also very awkward and hilarious to see the GM trying to not shake hands/hug the players/coaches due to the pandemic and the strict protocols in place. 

Fans noticed and it made the ceremony quite memorable. 

When it was time for the team's GM to get his medal, the captain Lundell placed it around his neck in a great touching moment. Gotta love it, even if it is a bit awkward and funny.