Team linked to Leon Draisaitl in blockbuster trade rumours gets turned away!

Team linked to Leon Draisaitl in blockbuster trade rumours gets turned away!

One club has no chance, it’s been confirmed:

Chris Gosselin

Rumours about Edmonton Oilers’ star forward Leon Draisaitl are nothing new even though he commented during the team’s exit interview that he loves “being an Oiler more than anything.” That however won’t quiet down rumours as the German forward is entering the final season of his contract and has been eligible for an extension since July 1st. He will be looking at a minimum of $12.5 million on average and probably $13 million for his next cap hit.

Amidst the chatter, Draisaitl has been linked to a few teams that would love to acquire him, including the San Jose Sharks. This came after ESPN reporter Greg Wyshynski proposed a question to Jeff Marek, asking “Do you think [Leon] Draisaitl would go to San Jose because their owner is German?”

Quickly, Draisaitl was linked to San Jose, but it all ends now as insider Chris Johnston stated that this trade will not happen, denying that the Sharks will attempt to land the superstar.

“He’s not going to San Jose…”

It is a fact that the Sharks’ owner, Hasso Plattner, is German and would probably do all he can to accommodate a compatriot. However, the sense persists that Draisaitl would not leave the Oilers for a non-contending team.

At this point, there is a huge possibility that Draisaitl decides to stay in Edmonton alongside captain Connor McDavid. But until he puts pen to paper on that extension, rumours and trade scenarios will be put out there with a transaction potentially becoming a reality.