Teammate explains how he thought Eric Lindros was dead!

Some NHL moments have shocked players and viewers alike:



This is one I will never forget. And clearly, I am not the only one…

On the Spittin’ Chicklets podcast, former goaltender Brian Boucher shared a moment that he will never be able to forget. The kind of moment that happens on NHL ice that young fans across the world, still today, also remember.

Boucher, who was a Philadelphia Flyers teammate of Eric Lindros, revealed that he thought the star forward was dead after the infamous hit by Scott Stevens.

There is no way you don’t recall or know about this, but it came in Game 7 of the 2000 Eastern Conference Final which pinned the Flyers against the New Jersey Devils. During the contest, Lindros crossed the blue line with the puck and the Devils’ defenseman delivered a devastating hit, catching him flush on the jaw, leaving the Flyers’ star unconscious on the ice.

That’s when Boucher thought his teammate had died then and there on the ice.

“ I gotta be honest with you, I thought like something bad. He was like, you know, he wasn’t moving.”

Ryan Whitney then asked: “You thought he was dead” to which Boucher replied “yes.”

Lindros was knocked out of the game and sat out the entire 2000-01 season after sustaining a concussion on the hit, which was called a legal one on the play. This also marked the end of his tenure in Philadelphia.

The good news is that Boucher was wrong: Lindros was alive. And the only other good thing that came out of the hit is how it raised awareness of the long-term effects of concussions in professional sports.

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