Teammate explains why Milan Lucic didn't fight in the last Battle of Alberta

What do you think of his explanation?

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The rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary has hit heights this season not seen in a very long time, culminating in a fight-filled beating of the Flames by the Oilers last Saturday night by a score of 8-3. Even the goaltenders got into it, squaring off at centre ice. However, following the game, many fans on both sides were left wondering why, with all the fists that were thrown, Milan Lucic was mostly invisible throughout the entire game. 

Simply put, with Lucic's offensive game dropping off over the last few years, he was brought in to Calgary in the James Neal trade in order to add some toughness. So why didn't be get involved last Saturday? There was some chatter of social media that Lucic, who played in Edmonton for three seasons, doesn't like fighting former teammates. According to teammate Mark Giordano, that wasn't it. 

"He didn’t fight because no one wants to fight him,” said Giordano today. 

We'll leave that one for you to take from it what you will. 

Lucic did get in a bit of a scuffle with Edmonton's Matt Benning in the 2nd period, but it didn't really go anywhere. Outside of that, Lucic's name was barely spoken throughout the game. He is a player known for his passion who was never worried about getting into the dirty areas, so it was a surprise to many. We'll see what happens when the two teams meet again on April 4th.