Teammate tells Karlsson to f**k off after risky hockey play!

We can understand why EK isn't sure about re-signing in San Jose...

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Hockey players can sound pretty vulgar most times on the ice, especially when the game gets intense and they need to scream on top of one another to overpower the noise from the crowd. However, we are pretty sure they don't need to insult their teammates, especially one that was just traded at the start of the season and pondering the idea of signing a long-term contract with the team. 

That's right, we're talking about Erik Karlsson, who is still thinking about his future in San Jose after he was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Sharks in September. 

On Wednesday night, the Sharks faced the Hurricanes and beat Carolina 5-1, however, it could have been a different score after Karlsson made a selfish play at the end of the third period of the contest. The final score or the risky move isn't what fans are talking about though... They noticed how teammate Brenden Dillon told Karlsson to f**k off after his selfish hockey play...

Streamable provided the video and soundbite of Dillon calling for the pass from Karlsson behind the Sharks' net in the dying seconds of the game. The 28-year-old then told Karlsson to f**k off when he decided to fling a backhander into the neutral zone instead.

Here is the footage, provided by Streamable

Dillon wasn't done giving it to Karlsson: once the star defenseman made the move, Dillon adds: "Back hand shit. Loser."

As soon as Karlsson made the risky backhand pass in the neutral zone, trying to connect with forward Kevin Labanc, you can hear him slamming his stick on the ice, knowing it was a dumb move. And Dillion surely wasn't shy to let him know - and everyone else watching the game for that matter - that it was a stupid and selfish decision. 

Some fans might think that there is a clear lack of communication between Karlsson and his new teammates, however, it could have been just a simple reaction to what we all know what a dumb play. 

In the game, Karlsson managed to record an assist. 

Since Karlsson joined the Sharks prior to the preseason, Dillon often noted how excited he was to play alongside the talented blue liner. He says excited, we might say overly intense... 

Here is the game recap: