Teammates defend Jarry after he’s said to have single-handedly lost 1st round series

Fans were brutal and seem to have angered the Penguins…


Hockey fans can have no mercy. And that’s what’s been happening in Pittsburgh following the Penguins’ playoff elimination at the hands of the New York Islanders earlier this week. Unfortunately for goalie Tristan Jarry, fans are zeroing in on him and blame the 26-year-old for losing the first-round series entirely. 

That’s because Isles’ Josh Bailey jumped on Jarry’s gaffe to score in double-overtime, giving the Islanders a 3-2 win and 3-2 series lead. The Pens went on to lose Game 6 5-3. Clearly, Jarry remained rattled and fans won’t easily forget his double OT misplay… 

While meeting with media on Friday during a press conference, Jarry tried to explain what happened in the postseason, but fans did not step back. 

“That was my first time playing in postseason games consecutively. Learning from that and the goals I let in, the mistakes I had, will make me a better person and goalie. That’s something I’ll reflect on over the summer and come back better next year from.”

His teammates were quite vocal about how great of a goalie Jarry is. Several were quotes, defending and supporting their goalie. There are quotes from teammates, per the Penguins’ PR team

Mike Matheson has his goalie’s back: “I know there’s been a lot of attention and blame on him, but I think that’s unfair. It’s a team game. Through each game, we made a lot of mistakes throughout the lineup. To think you can narrow it down to one person or position is unfair.

“I think he’s one of the best goalies in the league.”

Defenseman Kris Letang: “At the end of the day, I truly believe Tristan Jarry is a number one goalie who got the job done for us all year long. He’s been one of the best in the league the last two seasons and I truly believe we have a great goaltender on our hands.”

While Jarry vowed to be better next season, he also mentioned that some former goalies reached out to him at this difficult time. 

“I’ve had quite a few reach out, and I think that was something that was uplifting and something that will help me get through it and just motivate me and push me to be better next year.”

Will Jarry be back with the Penguins next year?  Will they bring in another veteran goalie to get more out of him? 

A lot of questions are left unanswered, however, Jarry does not have to wonder if his teammates have his back.