Teams in Stanley Cup final could play in their own city!

​Are they trying to get fans in the buildings?

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The NHL announced on Tuesday, as part of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s press announcement regarding the League’s 24-team return to play format and 2020 NHL Draft Lottery, 10 cities are in the running to become a hub city for when the NHL returns to action. Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Las Vegas, Saint Paul, Toronto and Vancouver are being considered.

However, there was an interesting twist to this hub city announcement when Bettman and Deputy commissioner Bill Daly talked to media members after the press conference. 

It seems that the two teams that will make it to the Stanley Cup final might be able to play in their respective city. 

“We certainly see some merit to moving the club to a different market so that any perceived advantages associated with being in a home market are eliminated,” Bill explained. 

He did add however that that it’s not yet decided on.

Bettman added this: 

“If a team happens to be in it’s own market, the players I don’t think should be planning on going home, they’ll be staying in the same conditions that everybody else is.”

A lot more remains to be decided upon, but that could be another incentive to push players to make it all the way!