Teemu Selanne and Brett Hull star in new hockey movie 'Minor Leaguer!'
Minor Leaguer  

Teemu Selanne and Brett Hull star in new hockey movie 'Minor Leaguer!'

This trailer looks hilarious. How can you not love Teemu!?!?



A question I often ask myself, "Is there anything Teemu Selanne can't do?"

Everything I know and continue to learn about the Hockey Hall of Famer just helps to grow his legend in my eyes. The guy is not only one of the greatest players of his generation, but he's also a race car driver and now he's apparently a movie star.

Yesterday Selanne shared a trailer from the upcoming movie 'Minor Leaguer' starring himself and fellow Hall of Famer Brett Hull. From what I can gather, the plot centers around a long-standing feud between Selanne and Hull that plays out in the lower minor pro leagues.

Take a quick look:

More on the plot from the team's official website:

When he was a young boy, Jake McKay dreamt of becoming an NHL star just like Teemu Selanne. He never achieved that dream, but he did find a home in the Old West Hockey League as the longtime captain of the Hemel Hawks.

One morning, Jake wakes up to learn that the Hawks have been bought by none other than Teemu Selanne, his childhood hero. But to Jake’s dismay, it turns out Teemu is nothing like his humble, fun-loving public persona. He’s a narcissistic piece of work who appoints himself as the team’s new head coach and general manager.

While Jake struggles to deal with Teemu’s massive ego in the weeks leading up to training camp, Teemu’s archenemy – fellow hockey legend Brett Hull – puts a bid in for an opposing team. Infuriated, Teemu tries to stop the deal by bribing the league’s shady commissioner. But when the ever-resourceful Hully dreams up a scheme involving a dead ringer for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, all bets are off.

Meanwhile, Jake’s lovable loser best friend and team equipment manager, Sniff, falls head over heels for Amy, the Hawk’s new merchandise manager. But if he hopes to see it go anywhere, he’ll first need to overcome his fear of pretty girls.

The irony of Selanne being a "narcissistic piece of work" is hilarious to me, since he's one of the most genuine, down to Earth people in the entire hockey world. If anything, Hull is the ego maniac! Love the juxtaposition of these two legends. 

While I'll admit that this doesn't look like an Oscar candidate, I'll still go out of my way to stream it once its available online.

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