Tempers flare in Boston after more shenanigans between Marchand and Komarov.

Marchand and Komarov at it again.

Tempers flare in Boston after more shenanigans between Marchand and Komarov.

These two men do not like one another, at least not when they are out on the ice and facing off as opponents. 

On Saturday afternoon the New York Islanders faced off against the Boston Bruins and that meant the reunion of two old acquaintances in the form of veteran Islanders forward Leo Komarov and notorious Bruins agitator Brad Marchand. The two men have a long and storied history with one another and although their individual rivalry was not a focus of this matchup coming into the game, it certainly turned out to be a relevant factor throughout the contest.

First, for those of you who are not intimately familiar with the history between these two it dates all the way back to when Komarov was a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. It was during that time that Marchand was involved in one of the most infamous moments of his career, an incident in which he drew national headlines for getting a little too close and personal with Komarov during one of their meetings. Here's a hilarious segment from PTI back in the day where they discussed the incident.

It wasn't long before the two men were once again actively working to get under each other's skin on Saturday and although many long time fans of the National Hockey League will be quick to point the finger at Marchand, he has after all earned something of a reputation for himself, there's no doubt that Komarov deserved his fair share of the blame in this one. During one particular moment it appeared as though Komarov was looking to give Marchand a slew foot, or at the very least trip the Bruins forward, only to have Marchand return the favor sending both men tumbling to the ice. After the fact Marchand even decided he wanted to take home a souvenir and stripped Komarov of his helmet.

Komarov would get a measure of revenge in the third period when he hammered Marchand into the boards with a questionable hit, one that drew a crowd of Bruins with Patrice Bergeron and even David Pastrnak coming to the aid of the Bruins agitator. That drew a crowd of Islanders as well, although nothing serious would come of it other than some pushing and shoving on both ends.