Tensions between captain and head coach may lead to 30+ goal scorer being traded.

Huge trade rumors involving an NHL captain.

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There are some very big rumors involving one of the National Hockey League's captains, and perhaps more importantly, a four-time 30+ goal scorer.

Over the weekend the Sportsnet crew touched on the possibility of Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty being traded, and while there's no confirmation the Habs are shopping him, it sounds like rival teams feel something is coming.

"It's clear for a few other teams that they want to watch this situation closely." 

The problems between Pacioretty and Therrien have been clear since the summer when multiple sources accused head coach Michel Therrien of bashing Pacioretty at a charity golf tournament, and now the way Therrien has used Pacioretty this season is adding more fuel to that fire.

"Max Pacioretty is not being used like a four time 30 goal scorer by the Montreal Canadiens."

"There seems to be some friction between Paccioretty and Therrien."

As crazy as it may sound to trade a guy like Pacioretty, especially when he is on such a team friendly contract at $4.5 million per season, the Habs did move P.K. Subban over the summer to acquire a reliable stay at home defenseman, and they may be willing to deal Pacioretty for something similar.

"Lot of teams wondering now if they are gonna be a team that solely relies on Carey Price... maybe in fact they would think down the road that they would move a guy like Pacioretty and go get a top 4 defenseman to shore up a porous defense.